Bend To Be 

Society of Individuals

Andrea Windham Guy

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My painting ,American Way, Depression  Era based, is symbolic of our environmental issues. We all win or lose together. Bend to Be; Recycle, re-purpose, reuse, rethink, remake, rebirth. What is your bend however small ? The little things add up.

Example, My bend is recycling all plastic at my work job. Head mixer at LL s Seafood in ,Bon Secour Alabama. We make a Smoked Tuna Dip. It is funny how all the plastic in the building is , Andrea's Plastic, sense I'm the one doing something with it. That is okay thou, I will claim it.

We can mix 1,000 lbs. of dip or more in a week and have only one large garbage bag of trash. We can generate one or two large bags of plastic as well as what has collected through out the week. Re-purposing our sour cream buckets that add up during the mix also reduces our waste and fills a need for 30 lb. containers. Win ,win situation.

Thinking out of the box is also very helpful with our equipment. Two wheel chairs and a patient lift are regularly used in the mixing process. We have put in a  track system ,used in a barn or stable, for moving  our mixing bowl.  Anyway, these are good examples of bends.